What are the Various Deployment Models of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides a new way for organizations to manage computing resources. Instead of purchasing, installing and maintaining hardware and software, organizations rent the shared resources from an online service provider and dynamically configure the resources by themselves. This computing model speeds up the deployment and reduces cost. There are four deployment options for cloud computing.

Public Cloud:
Public clouds are usually provided by hosting centers. When the cloud infrastructure is beyond the premises of an enterprise, it is made available to general public and a large industry group by a network. Organizations can obtain application and computing resources without making any capital expenditure or using internal IT resources; they are managed by a third party service provider.

Private Cloud:
The cloud computing infrastructure is within the premises of an enterprise and is accessed by a secured private network.

Hybrid Cloud: A composition of two or more clouds known as combined cloud, is the combination of virtual servers and physical servers or two clouds joined together by standardized or proprietary technology that enables data and application portability.

Community Cloud: In the community cloud, different organizations with same requirements share a cloud infrastructure.

The above are the various models of deployment of cloud computing.

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