How to Make Video Call in Facebook Messenger

In afford to make the Facebook Messenger App more usable, Facebook added video calling or chatting option to its Facebook Messenger app. From today you can make video calls directly from your Facebook Messenger app in your Android and iOS smartphones.

how to make a video call in facebook messeger app

Facebook is a bit late in catching up to the market as there are many video calling Apps for both Android and iOS. But with over 600 million users Facebook Messenger app may catch up and take over the rest.

All you need to do you is connect your smartphone to internet by Wi-Fi or mobile data. Facebook claims the feature will work even when you internet speed is low.

To make a Video Call in Facebook Messenger:

    1. Open your Facebook Messenger App.
      calling in facebook messenger app
    2. Select the contacts or friends the way you are going to send a text or image.
    3. Click on the video call icon on top.

To receive a Video Call simply touch “Accept” in the messenger.

accept video calls in facebook messenger

And one more thing, just make sure you are connected to the internet.

At the beginning video call feature is available in 18 countries and in very short time the feature will be rolled out to all countries.

Published on April 27 , 2015 under Facebook, Smartphone.
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