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Following is the Terms of Service of TechInfoKnow.com.

Ownership and Right

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Your Acceptance and Compliance

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Privacy and Use of Cookies

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Right to Make Changes

Techinfoknow.com reserves the right to any changes (i.e.. modify, edit, delete, update,) any condition in Terms of Service at any time without notification (Unless required by Government Law).

We may occasionally change these Terms, so we encourage you to review the Terms periodically. If you continue to use the access the TechInfoKnow.com after we change the Terms, you accept all changes.

No Warranties of Accuracy of Contents

The TechInfoKnow.comit’s owner, author, publisher, parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, and the directors, officers, employees, shareholders, vendors, partners, contractors, agents, licensors or other representatives makes no representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, fitness, applicability, or completeness of the contents in TechInfoKnow.com.

Intellectual Property, License and Distribution rights

The content, information, data, designs, code, and materials associated with the Services (“Content”) in TechInfoKnow.com are protected by intellectual property and other laws. You must comply with all such laws and applicable copyright, trademark or other legal notices or restrictions.

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a. Viral Distribution

We may expressly authorize you to redistribute certain Content for personal, non-commercial use. We will identify the Content that you are authorized to redistribute and describe ways you may redistribute it (such as via email, social media snippet sharing, linking/mentioning as an information source ,). We may revoke this authorization at any time. If you redistribute Content, you must be able to edit or delete such publicly posted Content and you must edit or delete it promptly upon our request.

b. Commercial Licenses

You must obtain our written permission for commercial use of the Content or the Services. If you wish to license Content from the Services, please contact us.

User generated Element or User Submissions

The TechInfoKnow.com is not liable for the user’s submissions and/or contributions to it.

User’s submissions and/or contributions can be received contact form Guest Post, Email, Comments, Suggestions and other possible ways of user contribution. Techinfoknow.com Reserves the right to moderate, publish, and delete these user submissions. We may create and use moderation rules and process and we have reserve the right to change them.

Please do read our User Comment Policy.

Third-Party Content

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We do not necessarily endorse or evaluate third party content and websites, and we do not assume responsibility for third parties’ actions or omissions. You should review third parties’ terms of use/service and privacy policies before you use their services.

Acceptable Use

Without limiting any other provision in these Terms, you may not use the Services to do the following or assist others to do the following:

  • Threaten, defame, stalk, abuse, or harass other persons or engage in illegal activities;
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  • Interfere with others using the Services or otherwise disrupt the Services;
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  • Engage in unauthorized “spidering”, “scraping” or harvesting Content, contact or other personal information, or use any other unauthorized automated means to compile information;
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