How the Future of TV Looks Like

The growth in on-demand television is changing the ways we view it. There are even companies, HBO to name one, that insists you will only need one channel in the near future. Here is a look at the possible roads TV could be headed.

A very good argument could be made that the future is happening right now, it’s just that the pieces are scattered, but are slowly coming together. Recently, Dish Network got the rights to include several network TV stations, and stations owned by Disney for a TV service delivered over the Internet.

The DirecTV channel lineup will almost certainly have a similar deal in the very near future. What does this all mean?


Cheaper TV For All

Internet TV service is going mainstream, and it will likely be a big success. With prices projected to be in the $20 – $30 dollar range, the target market will be young adults who do not care to pay large cable and satellite subscription fees.

This should trigger more competition in the market. Many cable companies have enjoyed a monopoly in certain markets for a long period of time. The Internet has no such constraints of a local market, and this could have the effect of ramping up competition, while driving prices down.

Will Channels Fall By The Wayside?

Channels are forecast to become an outdated way of organizing television content. New web-based interfaces are coming, some of them are already here as a matter of fact, that people actually enjoy using. They can allow users to search for just movies, or sports, with no need to memorize a channel.

If it is organized, it could very well be the wave of the future.

Your Own Personal Subscription

Cable and satellite subscriptions are sold to households. At least one provider has come out on record with a personal subscription service to be sold to individuals. It could very well be like a cell phone service plan, and will almost certainly allow for greater personalization of the service, and flexible pricing plans.

A Variety of Ways To Watch

With personal subscriptions, you can also count on the content being able to be viewed on more than just a TV screen.  Television no longer means the big screen in your living room, it can mean watching on your smartphone, or tablet, or your Mac or PC.

There are already some TV services you can use to watch on mobile devices within your home. Look for this service to expand, relying on fast Internet connections when you are not directly connected to your Wi-Fi system. DVR in the cloud is something that is also coming, so you can schedule and view recordings from almost anywhere.

Cable TV apps are available right now for viewing programs on your smartphone and tablet.

Better Remotes

Your smartphone and tablet computer can be used for more than just viewing, they can be used to control a video feed as well.  Mobile remotes are coming, and you can rest assured they will be better than the remote you are always losing in the cushions of your sofa.

These are only a few of the many changes that are certainly going to happen in television. But you can be sure Internet TV is going to grow in popularity. That much seems certain.

Published on November 13 , 2016 under on-demand television.
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