Blogger Updates Image and Video Uploader in Post Editor

A picture is worth more than thousand words and you can imagine posting in your blog without a single image. If you are using Google’s Blogger platform for blogging then you know how easy to upload an image in the blog posts.

Recently Blogger has updated its image and video uploader in the post editor to of course to meet your need of attaching an image with you blog posts. Actually the process is pretty much the same but now it comes with a new layout.

Buttons for Image and Video Upload in Blogger post editor

The buttons for image and video upload are placed just below the post title box in the post editor.

Have you noticed a changes on the uploaders that comes up after you clicked them, I have.

image and video uploader in Blogger blog post editor

Changes in Image Uploader of Blogger Post Editor

If you clicked the “insert image” button on your blogger you will see that the image uploader looks like this;

image uploader of blogger post editor

It is also the same for the HTML view in the post editor. The images of the Blogger blog are hosted in the Google+ Photos or in Picasa. You should connect your Blogger blog with Google+ profile so that you get more storage space from Google for your blog’s images.

Changes in Video Uploader of Blogger Post Editor

The video uploader also changed its shape. It is changed in the same way as the image editor. Previously it looked like this.

Blogger image uploader

Now they have a modern look. These changes are for all the Blogger user whether you have connected Google+ profile with you Blogger blogs and account or not.

Very minor changes indeed but it is rare that Blogger changes things around and adds features. However; like you I am hopeful that the Blogger team will dish out some awesome updates and features very soon.

Published on September 18 , 2014 under Blogger.
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