How to Backup, Restore and Install your Blogger Template Safely

Blogger Template is a combination of all the things of your blog. It contains the CSS style codes and sheets, internal and external JavaScript, all of your widgets (default and custom ones), your blog’s meta data and much more. Blogger template is a combination of XML and HTML; a XHTML format which can parse all the snippets as XML.

This is post on a basic topic about blogger. Here you will learn bit about Blogger templates, how to make a backup copy of them, how restore one and how to install a new Blogger template for your blog. Know this is very important if you are using Blogger platform for blogging.

How to Backup Your Blogger Template

Way-1 (recommended)
For backing-up you Blogger template;

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template.
  2. Click “Backup/Restore” on the tor right corner of the dashboard.
  3. A dialogue box will to backup and restore blogger template
  4. Click “Download full template” button.
  5. After that click Yes/Save if the browser asks you conform download.

Way-2 (also OK! for the experts only)OR; you can also;

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template.
  2. Click “Edit HTML”.
  3. Copy the whole template code. (CTRL+A then CTRL+C)
  4. Create a new notepad in the computer
  5. Paste the copied code.
  6. Save it.

In most tips and trick about blogger you will find in the website; you will see that backing up of the template is recommended:-

How to Restore Your Blogger Template


How to Install a new Template in Blogger

As we have have informed you Blogger template is an XHTML and Yyou backed up template or a new custom template will be saved in ‘.XML‘ format.

Way-1 (recommended)

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template.
  2. Click “Backup/Restore” on the tor right corner of the dashboard.
    Backup Restore Blogger template
  3. A dialogue box will open. Click “Choose File” button.
  4. Locate you template in the computer hard-drive and click “open“.
  5. Click “Upload“.
  6. Wait for uploading to be finished and click “close“.

Way-2 (also OK! for the experts only)

  1. Open and copy the saved .txt file of your template in the computer
  2. Or; open the XML file of your backed up template. (with notepad/notepad++/any code editor)
  3. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template.
  4. Click “Edit HTML”.
  5. Select the whole template in the template editor.
  6. And paste it with the copied template from file.
  7. Click “Save template’.

Hope this information made using Blogger easier for you.

Why You Should Backup you Blogger Template

You may be an expert on Blogger or a complete novice; you sometimes do have to edit the template. Before you make any new changes to your Blogger template you should make a backup copy of it. Few reasons are:-

  • Blogger template is complicated. Though Blogger automatically identifies the errors on the template editor before saving it, it is possible you might make and it’s not showed in the template editor.You might be hit with an BX-ERROR. Or you may see some error message like this on the blog.
    TEMPLATE ERROR: Invalid data reference post.body: No dictionary named: 'post' in: ['blog', 'skin', 'view']

    If you are unlucky you an blog my not load any you might find a page like like this in you blog.

Importance of backing up blogger template

  • If you accidentally delete or edit any portion of the template’s code.
  • After editing; if you are not happy with a new made change in the blog’s design and want to go back to the original/former design.
  • Remember that for most on-page SEO for Blogger blog’s is done in the template. Any error in editing the template will cause a catastrophe.
  • It’s just good sense to backup you template before editing.
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