How to Auto-Publish FeedBurner RSS Feed to Twitter

Google’s FeedBurner is the most used and most popular web feed management tool. Despite the recent lack of update and focus on it webmaster and bloggers use it because it is free and easy to setup.

If you use Blogger or WordPress, it is easy to integrate them with FeedBurner. Also services like FeedBurner Email Subscriptions and Socialize made it popular also.

FeedBurner Socialize services allows you to automatically post you feed updates in social media. Currently only Twitter is supported. Many have faced problems using this service and there are reports that Google has stopped it.

But recently the FeedBurner Socialize is back and working, but unfortunately with no update. Let’s see how to use FeedBurner Socialize service with Twitter and how to avoid unnecessary problems.

Before connecting your FeedBurner feeds and Twitter, you need to create a FeedBurner feed for your Blogger, WordPress or other blog or website.

How to use FeedBurner Socialize to Post Feed Updates to Twitter

    1. Log in to FeedBurner dashboard and select the feed you want to connect with Twitter. If you do not have one then create a new one.
      add twitter account in feedburner
    2. Then go to Publicize > Socialize page of your FeedBurner feed’s settings.
      feedburner socialize service with twitter
    3. On that page; click add a Twitter account.
    4. After that you will be asked to authorize the ‘Google’ app for FeedBurner and Twitter integration. Click on ‘Authorize App’ (if required log in).
    5. No again go back to the ‘Socialize’ setting page in FeedBurner. Change the Formatting Options and Item Selection to your liking and click on the ‘Active’ button below.
      activate FeedBurner Socialize service

That is all is required for FeedBurner feed and Twitter integration. You should know few things to fully enjoy this free service. You can add multiple Twitter account for your multiple feeds which means;

  • You can use separate Twitter account for separate feeds.
  • You can forward all your FeedBurner feed links to one single Twitter account.

Tips to Avoid problems with FeedBurner Socialize and Twitter Integration

Many have faced problems problems using this tool. Here are some tips to avoid them;

  • Do not revoke the Google app authorization from your Twitter account.
  • Do not change your Twitter user name.
  • Do not disconnect the Twitter account from your Google account’s connected account settings.
  • If you post ridiculous amount from your blog or website which the FeedBurner feed is connected to in a very very short space of time; then this may be treated as a spam and the service will not work.

There are few alternatives of FeedBurner Socialize services. Unfortunately only Twitter is supported by FeedBurner Socialize however it do not use utilize the Twitter cards. If social media like Facebook, Linked In are added with is this will be great. Hope Google is listing and they will make some great addition to FeedBurner.

Published on November 02 , 2014 under Blogger, Twitter.
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