How to Add Muut Comments in Blogger Blogs

Muut is more know for the forum software, however it is very useful as a comment system for a blog. Both the forum and comments can easily be embedded in any platform, even Blogger. Muut comes with some good offers but you can enjoy most of its awesome features for free.

muut comments for blogger blogs

You can simply add the code for the comment which you can get from Muut settings. However that could lead loss of comments when you change the URL and/or publish date of blog posts in Blogger.

For you can easily avoid this possible problem with very little change to the given comments code from Muut.

Follow the instruction to add Muut comments properly in your Blogger blog.

    1. Go to you Blogger Dashboard of the particular Blog > “Template”.
    2. Backup your Blogger template before making any change.
    3. Click “Edit HTML”.
    4. The Blogger template editor will open. Hit Crtl + S on the keyboard, paste the code below in the search box inside of the template editor and hit enter.
      <b:includable id='comments' var='post'>
    5. Just after it paste the code for Muut threaded comments.
      <a class="muut" expr:href='&quot;//;+ data:blog.blogId + &quot;/&quot; +' data-show_title="false">Comments</a>
      <script src='//'/>

      On the above code replace [Your-Muut-Community-Name] with community name you have set. You can get this from the “Custom URL” setting of Muut.

      If you want a simplistic flat comment then use the following code and make the similar changes:

      <a class="muut" expr:href='&quot;//[Your-Muut-Community-Name]/comments/&quot;+ data:blog.blogId + &quot;:&quot; +'>Comments</a>
      <script src='//'/>

      The feature of these modification of Muut comments will help you to preserve the made comments for the posts when you make any changes to the post. Because the post ID of Blogger blogs posts’ will not change even if you make any changes to the particular post settings.

    6. After that click “Save Template” > click “Back” to close the template editor.

And see your muut comments come alive in your blog. The comment box will properly.
After adding the muut comment box, you might want to disable the current default Blogger comments, For doing that;

  1. Go to the Blogger dashboard again.
  2. Go to “Setting” > “Posts and comments”.
  3. In the “Comments” section, change “Comment Location” from the drop-down menu to “Hide”.
    disable Blogger comments
  4. Click “Save settings” on the top right corner of the page.

If you are looking to use Muut for comments in Blogger blogs then this tutorial is the best option for you. Because the made comments will not disappear with any changes to the blog premalink, published date and/or any other changes will not affect the comments.

If you haven’t signup to Muut then join now for a free forum and comment system and enjoy a free trial account without credit card.¬†Muut free plan is enough in most times with some superve feature, but you can add more by upgrading it, and you will get some less using the coupon code MUUT20.